Board of Directors

The CCA Board of Directors is comprised of a chairperson and two boardmembers. The chairperson of the board is also the President of the Academy and oversees the operations of the academy.

The members of the Board are committed to managing the Academy with the best interests of the cadets in mind. They put forth every effort to provide the necessary equipment and training while efficiently managing the organization. Costs are kept at a minimum with safety being the number one priority.

Corey Morgan, President:

Qualifications: Corey Morgan has a degree in Fire Science and possesses practical experience in Fire Training, Safety and Education. She currently works at the local Parks and Recreation Department.

Duties: Develop programs and curriculum, organize academy equipment and teaching materials, student advisor, fundraising, grant proposals, and make recommendations for proposals. Additional responsibilities involve supervising officers and cadets to assure that their duties are performed properly; attend quarterly board meetings.

Rohn Zimmerman, Boardmember:

Qualifications: Rohn Zimmerman has a degree in Business Management and possesses practical experience in corporate management.  He has been the small business owner of three individual companies and currently owns and manages a telecommunications company.

Duties:  Develop programs and curriculum, organize policies and goals, approve budgets, fundraising, grant proposals and disbursement of funds; appoint and remove, employ and discharge all officers, agents, staff; attend quarterly board meetings, make recommendations and review proposals.

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